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Personal blenders are very much convenient than the conventional blenders since we all love our own little gadget that can make smoothies are shakes so easily with out any problems.The personal blenders come into the market since the intro of the famous magic bullet products.but today a lot of other companies also introduced awesome products and choosing one can be difficult.That is why i have compiled this best personal blender buying guide along with all the feedback and rating from the customers.

The main problem with the conventional mixers are that their jars are bit large and was a not useful for a single serve or individual use. Now there are a lot of fitness routine diets that demands the use of single serve on the go blenders.That is where a personal go to blender is really a must have in your kitchen.Also people like me having a small kitchen finds it extremely useful for other kitchen jobs also.I had use most of these products listed below since i do make a lot of smoothies and shakes daily ( I coaches people of diet recipes).

Lets us get into the best personal blender list of 2017.

Note that this list not follows a certain order.Each product is reviewed and the pros and cons are also listed.In the end i will also try to provide a concluding post and also buying guide.

  1. Magic Bullet Blender



Magic bullet was in fact one of the pioneers in this niche.They have some excellent products with in all price ranges.This was one of the first personal blender i used and was very happy with it.i buy this product after watching the ads but once i get my hand to it,it was really a magic bullet in my kitchen.i have a medium sized one and was able to perform almost all the regular kitchen tasks with it easily.The best thing was that it was very easy to use .you just put the things in the jar and the place it on the top and press the button.Was able to cut,chop and make some really good smoothies with this one.Using the Magic Bullet couldn’t be easier.Magic bullet is not as powerful as Nutribullet.Hard seeds and veggies cannot be cut through using it.but its perfect for normal salads and smoothies.But i use it for almost all kind of leafy vegetables and cut nicelly through brocooli,spinach etc easily.


Easy To use

Inexpensive and value for money

Trusted Brand


Less power than Nutribullet

Not that efficient against Hard materials.

2  Nutri NINJA BL455 Professional 1000 watts Personal Blender

Nutri Ninja

Nutri Ninja was altogether in separate class than the magic bullet.Magic bullet is only about 250-300 watts .Ninja offers around 1000 Watts that can almost do any tasks blender related.It also comes with pro Extractor blades which blends very well.Also it comes with 3 different sized cups .This will be useful for many recipes.The sip and seal lids are useful to carry the smoothies outside.I am using this for almost 6 months of heavy use.Still the extractor blades are intact.It is powerful and loud as any blender with 1000 watts. Crushes ice, fruits, nuts, and vegetables in a breeze.If you are looking for a small blender with good power,this one is the winner.You can create many things such as sauces, soups, juices, nut milks, smoothies, frozen drinks, etc.


Perfect for Heavy Use.

Small and Powerful.

Crushes ice, fruits, nuts, and vegetables in a breeze.

Long Lasting and Value for Money.


You Must press on the top of it during work.Other than that no serious problems.One of the best.


3.Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

Nutri Bullet Blender

Another great product i like to introduce to you. Nutribullet was also from the Magic bullet brand.This one simple have a lot more power and can blend or chop almost anything.Comes with a powerful 600 watt motor along with the patented blade system of Magic bullet.The superfood nutrition extractor is an added plus.Nutribullet is a real power horse which can chop through almost anything.I constantly use it with ice,apples carrots,coffee seeds etc.The cup sizes are bit different from magicbullet. Overall this was one of the perfect blenders and goes hand in hand with NutriNinja.


Powerfull Motor.

Long term Use.

Very Efficient.



Cups sizes are larger than Magic bullet so you cant use old magicbullet cups.

Some users reports a minor leaking problem but i had never encountered it.

BELLA Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender

Bella Rocket Review

Bella is a new brand in this category. Rocket Extractor Pro is a great personal blender.Also they are comparatively inexpensive too.Supplied with a powerful 700 Watts motor,Bella rocket can emulsify almost any type of fruits and veggies.Great for making your favourite smoothies and serve it.Like any great  blender you can use the same cup used to blend for serving also.Additionally have a special grinding blade to chop nuts and coffee.But make sure to add some water with carrots and hard veggies.Main difference with the Nutri Bullet was the price difference.If you are on a low budget go for this awesome personal blender.Works flawlessly with ice and any frozen stuff.There are also different types of cups available for use.


Less Expensive than other similar powerful blenders.

Compact and consume less space.

Can emulsify almost anything.


Little bit louder in operation.

5  Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender

Hamilton Personal Blender

Hamilton produces personal blenders with compact size and cheap prices.They are not as powerful like Nutri ninja and Nutribullet. But for a one person use they do a decent job.You can make smoothies with ease and then take the cup with you.It comes with 4 types of jars for variety of uses.The build quality of the containers are great.They are made of shatterproof material.The motor power is 650 W but not powerful as Nutribullet. Also i myself like the switch design of the blender.Go with this if you love a nice powerful personal blender with in your budget.


Less Expensive.

Compact Size.

Good Power and Nice switch.


Tall Thin cup is difficult to clean.

Only Single Speed option.



Comparison Table

BlendersPower In WattsPriceOur RatingAmazon Link
Magic Bullet Personal Blender
Nutri NINJA BL455 Professional 1000 watts Personal BlenderNutri Ninja1000Medium4.9
Magic Bullet NutriBullet
Nutri Bullet Blender
BELLA Rocket Extract PRO
Bella Rocket Review
Hamilton Beach Stay or Go
Hamilton Personal Blender


Best Personal Blender Buying Guide

A good quality personal blender is very essential for healthy diet.Many of today’s diet menus includes juices and smoothies.in fact the most proven way to lose weight is juice rich diets.it also helps your body to absorb nutrition faster.

The concept of personal blenders is relatively new.the main advantage over conventional blender was the compact size and serving ability.Using a big sized blender for two or three times daily is not very convenient. On the other hand a personal blender consumes less space and can be used frequently.

Before buying your first personal blender you have to consider the following points

1 Type Of Usage

If you are aiming to make smoothies and juices for single serving only,then choose a small sized blender.Magic bullet offers some good low price product.very useful for your dietary needs but they are not designed for heavy duty operations.

2 Motor Power

The range of the blender depends on the power and type of blades.For a heavy duty blender 600-1000 watts is enough.But you have to also consider the product design and ability.For example a 650 W Nutribullet provides excellent performance like a 1000 W Nutri Ninja.

3 Budget

Don’t go tight on budget while choosing your blender.They are not very expensive ,you can get a good one around the 70-100$ range.But if you are really tight on money and want to try cheaper one first then go for it.But i always recommend to buy a decent one since it is a long term investment.


You have to consider all the above points while choosing the best personal blender for you.There are a lot of product available and i have done my best to include the top ones.If you are still on doubt go for the best rated one.Also after buying be sure to use it regularly for making healthy smoothies.Eat healthy and stay healthy.